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Meet Kim

My husband, Blake and I have lived in South Dakota all of our lives.  I grew grew up in Rapid City.  My mother worked 12 hour days to afford our small apartment and other necessities without a lot of extra.  I moved to Sioux Falls after receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies with concentrations in American History, Law and Sociology.   

My husband and I have lived in District 11 for the last 30 years.  Blake is a retired veteran who served 35 years in the Air National Guard.  We have three wonderful children who all grew up here and attended public school in District 11.  I have been a working mother navigating child care and a stay at home mom managing to make ends meet with one income.

Over the last 14 years, I have worked as an Education Assistant for the Sioux Falls School District and I am currently an active member of the SDEA advocating for all students, teachers and support staff.  I have had the opportunity to work with students from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.  I understand the importance of teamwork and relationship building.  Regardless of political party, I believe legislators must have the ability and willingness to work toward compromise with openness, honesty, integrity and transparency.  

Our state is a great place to live, work and raise a family, but we can and should do better! South Dakota needs common sense legislation that supports families, our economy, public schools and our communities.  Our legislators should not waste time and taxpayer money to make political statements that are not relevant to the issues of South Dakota. We do not need legislation to solve problems that do not exist in South Dakota.  Our laws should be meaningful, impactful and equitable for all South Dakotans.  

I don’t pretend to know everything.  However, if elected, I promise to research unfamiliar topics, consult experts and listen to those most affected by proposed legislation.  I will concentrate on improving our public school systems, fair wages, affordable housing and childcare, supporting agriculture and maintaining our public safety institutions in order to create positive change for all South Dakota residents.





Kim Parke for South Dakota
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